Convert .docx file to .doc file

Hi Friends,

You guys might have come across a situation like this, someone sending a file to you which was written in MS Office 2007. But unfortunately you have MS Office 2003 installed in your office machine. The word document sent by the other person is in .docx format.

I searched microsoft site to find a file format converter, which was 27 MB ( earlier it was around 170 MB i guess but not sure) . This is what the reason i hate microsoft somuch. A Open Office can open all its files + all versions of microsoft office, why cant these guys.

Here found converting this file < 60 Seconds method
– Open your gmail account and attach the .docx file you have and send it to your won gmail id or forward the mail which has .docx attachment to your gmail account.
-Open the mail which has this attachment, click on the link “Open as a Google document”
-It will does the job in < 10 Seconds.
-On top right corner of the page, you can see a link called share, click on it and select email as attachment.


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