Google Chrome

Google chrome Searches search query thrice

Whenever I am searching in google using url bar, google searches the same query thrice. Example If my search query is “abcd” google bar searches for “abcd abcd abcd”.


Go to “Settings” -> in the “Search” tab click on “Manage search engines…”

In the first row you can see three text boxes. First and second search box contains “Google(Default)” and “”. In the third text box, replace the content with

This should resolve the issue.


Make Google Chrome as default Browser in Vista


Have you tried to set Google Chrome as default web broweser in Windows Vista? Fed up trying out?

Here is the solution for the problem:

  1. Close All your browsers
  2. Right click on the Google Chrome icon and Select “Run as administrator”
  3. Accept the warning about running as administrator ( I hate vista for this)
  4. Now go to Tools menu “Options” and click on “Make Google Chrome my default browser”
  5. You should see that “The default browser is currently Google Chrome.” in green Color
Google Chrome Options Menu

Google Chrome Options Menu

Make Google Chrome as your default browser

Make Google Chrome as your default browser