Get Live currency value using Yahoo API


Here is a simple PHP code, using which you can get the live currency Value from yahoo finance ( )

In this example i am getting the value of US Dollar in Indian Rupees.

$from   = 'USD'; /*change it to your required currencies */
$to     = 'INR';
$url = ''. $from . $to .'=X';
$handle = @fopen($url, 'r');

if ($handle) {
    $result = fgets($handle, 4096);
$allData = explode(',',$result); /* Get all the contents to an array */
$dollarValue = $allData[1];

echo 'Value of $1 in Indian Rupees is Rs. '.$dollarValue;

Recently this code also got published here also


array_intersect()- helps in finding the common elements in two arrays

Definition and Usage

The array_intersect() function compares two or more arrays, and returns an array with the keys and values from the first array, only if the value is present in all of the other arrays.


Parameter Description
array1 Required. The first array is the array that the others will be compared with
array2 Required. An array to be compared with the first array
array3 Optional. An array to be compared with the first array

Tips and Notes

Tip: You can compare the first array with one array, or as many as you like.

Note: Only the value is used in the comparison.



The output of the code above will be:

Array ( [1] => Dog [2] => Horse )