Google amazes me every day : Now its Google Instant Preview

Google instant preview

Google search results with google instant


You guys might have noticed this recently that : In search results page, if you keep changing keyword, below results are automatically refreshed on each key press. This new feature is called Google Instant.

Old methodology: A firefox addon

In the past you might have come across a addon for Firefox called coolPreviews which basically show you the search icon on the each search results, on mouseover of it will get the preview of that site. This addon is compatible with firefox3 and above versions, other browsers don’t have this option. I tried this earlier, and lost interest in it cause of its slowness, and memory eating.

Google Instant Preview

Go to google dot com and search for any keyword. [Try it in modern and fast browsers like Firefox or Google Chrome or Opera or Internet explorer >= 8th version].

On the right end of each result’s title there is a search icon present. Just click on it once. You are done! Keep moving to the below or above results by mouse overing on them. You can see the preview of that site without actually going on to the site. And response is amazingly super fast!!!.

  • Huge Time Saving, really I mean it.